Like all businesses, we have had to adapt our operation several times during 2020 to operate in a covid-secure manner. Throughout the year we have taken the threat of Covid-19 to our customers and staff very seriously indeed and have made numerous changes, big and small, to our operation as a result.

Our current mode of operation has been in place since late September. We now have seating for customers back inside the Guardhouse, and an expanded outdoor seating area which remains popular on sunny days. We’re using table service both inside and outside, and all our food and drinks have returned to crockery cups and plates. For anyone who visited over the summer, the cafe feels a bit more back to normal – but we long for the days when social distancing, limits of groups to 6, face masks, hand sanitiser etc can all be forgotten!

This page contains a summary of some of the key measures we are taking to keep you safe. More details can be found here in our risk assessment. Overall we are “Good to Go” (although, as with everything, we are open to your ideas and feedback).

covid-19 safe operation certification



Since September 24th we have been open for indoor seating for all our cakes, food and drinks. We are operating with table service inside, and with tables well spaced out to ensure “1m+” spacing between customers. Please remember to wear a face covering while you’re moving about inside the cafe (not required while seated at your table).

To access this indoor seating please come to the front door of the cafe. We have an airport-style queue barrier across the entrance; one of our team will bring you inside when we’re ready for you. Please check in with the NHS app on your way in.

We have up to 10 tables available inside the cafe as a result of the Covid restrictions. At busy times this can mean you need to wait (outside) for a table – we apologise for this inconvenience, it’s really difficult for all of us.

Each table, and the menu and Covid information on each table, is thoroughly cleaned after every set of guests.

There is nothing else left on the tables. Anything like sugar, sauces, napkins, cutlery will be brought to your table by our team – they are washing their hands regularly, will be wearing a face covering and will keep their distance from you.




If you visit us and want to sit outside, please just find a table and sit down, we’ll come and serve you. The NHS app QR code is on every table: please check in when you sit down.

We’ve organised the outside area so you shouldn’t need to come inside the cafe. The cakes and flapjacks are all on display inside the first window by the front door. Anything you might need like sugars, napkins, sauces will be provided to you by our team – they won’t have been touched by anybody else.

Each morning we are treating our outside tables with a special sanitiser which gives 24-hour protection against viruses.

One of our team (wearing a face covering) will come to your table with a menu and take your order and payment, and later serve your food and drinks. Please help us by allowing our team to keep their distance from you; also if you can stack up dirty things onto a tray, it avoids us having to spend longer at the table than necessary when clearing it.

We’re delighted that Natural England have granted us permission to have additional tables until the end of October 2020 – many thanks to our landlords the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust for helping organise this.



We are happy to serve our drinks and most of our food for takeaway if preferred. Please come to the front door where our team will take your order. Please ensure you’re wearing a face covering. We have a barrier in place to keep the customers sitting down safe.

After ordering and paying, our team will direct you back outside the cafe to collect your drinks / food when they’re ready.



The toilets at the Guardhouse are open and available for public use. Our team clean them during and after each day. We have placed a sanitising spray bottle and cloths in the lobby area if you would like to clean the cubicle before using it.

To ensure social distancing including on the way in and out of the toilets, one of the three toilets is locked and out of use. We also ask that only one person waits in the lobby area at once: this is required as customers also leave the cafe this way.

Bin lids are left open and unless it is very wet or windy, the front door is pinned open to reduce the number of surfaces you need to touch while using the toilets.




Please remember to follow government guidelines. In particular if you have any symptoms, or if you’re called by Track & Trace, stay at home.


Get away from the crowds!

We believe that Berry Head is the perfect place to visit during the covid-19 situation – loads of space to get away from other people, with wonderful views, walks, wildlife and history.

Please be a responsible visitor: remain safely 2m apart from other people, wash your hands regularly, and help us keep the headland tidy by using the bins provided.

Lone walker on Berry Head