A makeover for the Guardhouse

Feb 6, 2020

In January we worked hard on redecorating and improving the interior of the Guardhouse. This involved closing for four days, the only time apart from Christmas Day that we have planned to be closed for years! Everywhere from the inside of the fridges to the wooden floor to the window frames in the ceiling had a VERY deep clean. Meanwhile we had all the walls repainted by Steve Watson, a wonderful decorator who we would highly recommend.

Our specials board used to just be a big black wall; this has been smartened up with several smaller boards, built by local carpenter Lucian. He has also made us a wonderful new storage unit to replace the jumble of shelves and small trolleys near the entrance.

We also organised the repainting of the toilets and are very grateful to our landlords (The Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust) who arranged for the entrance lobby to be painted at the same time, and replaced the old hand dryers. Big thanks are also due to the Friends of Berry Head who financially supported the painting of the toilets and lobby area.


We love the results and hope you’ll agree that the whole cafe feels a lot bigger and brighter as a result of all these changes!


A few pictures of the work in progress… poor Diane had a morning in the fridge!


And a few of the finished results

Newly decorated entrance area at the Guardhouse Cafe