A new set of Autumn Specials for 2016!

Our chefs have been at it again: our specials board has changed once more, this time welcoming in the flavours of autumn. Welcome back past favourites such as Dani’s Moussaka, or Wild Mushrooms and Poached Eggs on Toasted Sourdough! And hello to some amazing new dishes such as Smoked Brixham Haddock Rarebit, Hazelnut Pancakes and Sarah’s Sweet Potato Toast. Come along and try some of our new dishes next time you’re in the area!

sweet-potato-toast eggs-in-purgatory autumn specialswild-mushrooms goats-cheese-lasagne smoked-haddock-rarebit

We are always a bit nervous when we change the specials menu, as it requires removing some firm favourites. This time we’ve lost Dani’s home-made quiche and some customers have never forgiven us from taking the Seafod Chowder off the menu earlier in the summer! But celebrating seasonality and local produce is a core part of our culinary vision, and it allows the chefs to introduce their latest inventions to you. Don’t worry, we keep a note of the most popular dishes and we promise to bring them back next year 🙂

And it’s not just the food specials board which has had a face-lift recently. Sandra, our wonderful Swedish barista, has introduced a number of special autumn drinks too. Spiced Pumpikn Latte, anyone? White Chocolate Mocha? Or a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate?