Bamboo cups for Christmas

Dec 19, 2018

It’s just over a year since Blue Planet II’s episode on ocean plastic brought the issue of waste, especially single-use and disposable plastic items, firmly into the public eye.  No longer using plastic drinking straws and swapping to refillable instead of disposable plastic soap cartridges are some of the steps we have taken at the cafe to reduce our environmental footprint.

The reusable bamboo takeaway cups that we sell for £7.50 are another great way of kicking our throwaway packaging habit, and they make a great gift at a time when packaging and wrapping waste will surge over the Christmas holiday. These gifts keep on giving through the 10% discount each time you (re)use your cup in the cafe, and if you are treating yourself, you get your first drink to take away entirely free! We have a variety of styles on display at the right-hand side of the counter.