Covid-19: Update

Aug 4, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 limitations on social distancing we are still operating in an unusual way at the Guardhouse, with our focus being on keeping you and our staff safe whilst maintaining high standards of service and quality. In the last few weeks since my last update we’ve made a few changes. Our current systems are:


We only have outdoor seating available. But we’re really happy that we’ve been given permission to expand into a much larger area of the headland and have added lots of new tables to the existing ones. On good weather days this means there should be no shortage of places to sit down!


We have our usual range of hot and cold drinks, from top quality coffee to takeaway beers. Plus ice creams, cakes and a slightly reduced breakfast and lunch menu. As usual our meals feature local ingredients, cooked by our team and priced reasonably.

Karen's cakes at the Guardhouse Cafe Ice creams at the Guardhouse Cafe Mexican baked eggs at the Guardhouse Cafe Crab sandwich at the Guardhouse Cafe  Time for a drink at the Guardhouse Cafe American pancakes with summer fruit at the Guardhouse cafe


The queue starts outside the cafe, using a knotted rope to help keep distancing, and comes inside the cafe for ordering. Please enter at the front door, and exit at the side door after ordering. We have clear markings to keep people in the queue 2m apart, and hand sanitiser available on your entry to the cafe.


In line with government advice, please do wear a mask while you’re inside the cafe. It doesn’t need to be a terrible look – check out some of these cool customers!Cool face masks at the Guardhouse Cafe

If you’re able to check in online for Test and Trace using the QR code displayed in the cafe, this speeds up the queue.Track and trace at the Guardhouse Cafe

Payment should be by card where possible, so we don’t need to handle coins and give out change. However we do have ‘clean’ change available if you need it.


We’ve installed a large perspex screen to avoid you and our team breathing on each other while ordering.


Cakes and hot drinks are all served to take away, in disposable (biodegradeable) packaging. We’re currently experimenting with using real plates and cutlery for food from the kitchen. Drinks and food will either be brought to the delivery table for you to collect, or brought to your table by one of our team (who will be wearing PPE if so).


Our outside tables are well spaced out, and there is lots of seating available around Berry Head too.


During these strange covid-19 times we are taking every precaution we can think of to keep you and our team as safe as possible during your entire visit. But we’re always open to ideas and feedback – please do help us improve.