Senior Manager

Diane has been working at the Guardhouse for over 9 years now. She is our most experienced manager and seems to know most customers (and their dogs!) by first name.

Despite taking the job on the condition that she didn’t have to cook, Diane is adept in the kitchen and is responsible for first introducing our homemade American pancakes and Paella evenings. Her passion for quality and consistency requires occasional sampling of cake and (especially) checking that the wine is not corked.

Sometimes she gets to enjoy her tea while it is still hot.

For many years Diane worked on long-haul British Airways flights and it is rare to find a country she has not visited. She has since tried a wide range of careers, including running a sandwich van and a hotel, teaching, and was responsible for importing Ugg Boots to the UK for the first time! She lives in Brixham but enjoys chasing her two delightful daughters across the world on their travels.