Job Opportunities at the Guardhouse

Jan 29, 2019

We have job opportunities coming up!

Over the next four months we will be looking for a lot of new team members. We have around eight vacancies in total, of a wide variety of levels of skill and experience:

  • An experienced chef – to start in the next 4 weeks. We are interviewing right now but still open to great applicants.
  • Another chef – to start in May
  • An experienced barista
  • Friendly front-of-house staff
  • Less experienced staff to work weekends and school holidays
  • Short-term staff to work with us during May and June

For all roles, we are looking for the same characteristics in our staff: a friendly and outgoing personality; a passion for excellence and learning; and a great work ethic. Some of the job opportunities also require experience but in general we look for people who will fit right into our team, rather than those with perfect relevant experience.

We have various starting dates for all of these roles and will be advertising for specific roles as and when we need them. But in the meantime we always love to hear from outstanding people who would like to work with us. Perhaps you know someone who would be a perfect fit for our team? Please tell them to contact us!

Interested applicants should contact, and attach their CV.