Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our friendly team is looking forward to welcoming you to the cafe!

Some recent photos of our team building activities, including Battlefield Live and the South Devon Tourism Awards:

Team at Battlefield Live

Would you like to work with us?

We are always keen to hear from outstanding people who would be interested in joining our friendly team on Berry Head.

If you wish to contact us regarding working with us, please email

  • Ashley Chef

    Ashley joined the Guardhouse kitchen team in October 2019, he quickly got along with everyone and has a happy, kind and chatty personality. Ashley has a love for curry and can make a load of different amazing curries. He enjoys playing football and went for trials with professional teams when he was younger.

    Ashley recently bought a house in Brixham with his partner Lauren after living a few years in Galmpton. He decided it was time for a new work challenge after working in the kitchen at a pub(where he also met Lauren) below his old flat.

  • Amy Chef Amy has worked with us since 2016. During her time here she decided it was time for a challenge, shortly after starting she got training in the kitchen and became a great chef. Except from being a fast learner and a friendly team member, she always enjoys a laugh and singing along with the music when closing the cafe at the end of the day.

    Amy thinks she wants to become a teacher, she will soon be going down to work part time at the cafe to follow her dreams and study History and English.
  • Laila Barista Laila joined our team in the middle of the summer 2019. She learnt fast how to make beautiful coffees and is now one of our baristas. She also has a great handwriting which you can see on the specials board!

    Laila loves travelling Europe in her van with her boyfriend, they are planning on going as often as they can. Whilst they were in Spain earlier in 2019, they fell in love with a 5 weeks old rescued street dog and ended up bringing her home with them.
  • Jackie Front of House Jackie started working with us in the beginning of summer 2019. You will usually find her front of house making everyone feel welcome and happily chatting to our customers with her charming Midlands accent. She enjoys going out for walks with her grumpy old dog!
  • Tom Chef Tom is one of our new chefs this year. He joined us just after Christmas, perfectly in time to cover Vicky’s maternity leave and be well trained an experienced by the time the busy season starts in the spring. He is a fabulous, warm, friendly guy and we feel very lucky to have him in the team!

    Tom’s great passions are skateboarding and photography, and he has a business plan to combine these, which also involves moving to Barcelona! We love his creativity and passion for life and look forward to our customers getting to know him.
  • Stacey Chef, Manager Stacey is our Head Chef. She joined us in 2018 after working in a number of local restaurants. She is passionate about food, a great cook, and a fantastic leader for our kitchen team. As head chef she’s in charge of every aspect of the kitchen, from our supplier relationships to training new chefs, to developing the menus for our themed evenings and the specials board. Luckily we have a great team of chefs who give her a lot of help!
  • Jo Barista Jo joined us in 2017 but first worked in the Guardhouse over 25 years ago, well before the modern extension. She was a school girl and helped Marjorie at the weekends. Do you remember the amazing apple cake Marjorie was famous for?

    After a career in London, Jo and her husband moved back to Brixham to raise their family. Jo found a part-time job with us and was promoted to Head Barista at the start of 2019. She is passionate and determined in her mission to bring fantastic drinks to all our customers!

    Outside of work Jo loves to make unusually-decorated cakes. Some of them are like nothing we have ever seen. No doubt Piper is in store for some wonderful birthday cakes as she grows up!
  • Emily Chef Emily is from New Jersey and moved over to the UK in 2016 after meeting and marrying Aaron (at the time they met, he was in the navy, but she maintains that his uniform didn’t make a difference…).

    She loves living in Brixham and taking coastal walks, but says that some things just aren’t the same in the UK, in particular Macaroni Cheese just doesn’t have the same synthetic taste.

    She joined us in 2017 and over the next 12 months she turned her passion for food into her job, becoming one of our wonderful chefs. However in 2019 she will be taking a break as she and Aaron will be having a baby boy, the third cafe baby of the year!
  • Alex Senior Manager

    Alex moved down to Brixham with Lucy in 2014; previously they were based in Milton Keynes (but he is really a northerner). He enjoys wearing shorts every day and being able to walk along the coast path, and strangely doesn’t miss the roundabouts and concrete cows.

    Alex graduated as a chemical engineer and worked for seven years as an improvement consultant helping mostly industrial companies to make their processes faster, more efficient or less wasteful. This took him to varied locations around the UK, Australia, Germany, Holland and Belgium with clients ranging from chemical plants to hospitals. With Lucy he decided to completely change his lifestyle by moving down to Devon and being based in the same place each week. The Guardhouse offered the perfect opportunity at the right time.

    In the café Alex is responsible for keeping out of everyone’s way as much as possible so that they can get on with their amazing work without him causing trouble. He has an unhealthy love of spreadsheets. 

    In 2017 baby Rosalie came along, and in 2019 she was joined by Matilda. Strangely Alex doesn't seem to get much time to himself any more.

  • Lucy Manager Lucy moved to Brixham in 2014 when she and Alex wanted a change of life and to spend more time together. After studying German and Italian at university she worked for several years in Italy and the Alps in jobs involving walking, skiing and cooking. The most recent role involved taking groups on incredible walking tours around various parts of Italy. Her favourite spots are Sicily, where she studied for a while and where the rugged scenery is unspoiled by tourism, and the Dolomites where she first met Alex in 2010.

    Lucy was born and grew up in Northern Scotland on the side of a sea loch. The local community was so sparsely populated that there were only 12 children in her entire primary school!

    Her passion for food developed through her childhood and eating plenty of fresh fish, scallops and oysters surely played a part. When travelling abroad she learned a lot about the regional food in Italy and always loves to experiment with new flavours and ingredients. She is one of the people who always chooses the item off the menu which she has never heard of, just in case it is the best thing ever.

    Since 2017 Lucy has played a less visible role at the Guardhouse, as her daughters Rosalie and Matilda arrived. However she still plays an important role behind the scenes and along with head chef Stacey she is the driving force behind our food, from the local and seasonal specials board to the themed evenings.
  • Sandra Barista, Manager Sandra joined us in 2015 as one of our main baristas. She loves to keep expanding the variety of drinks and latte art patterns she can make. Recent experiments have included flavours of iced tea for the summer, beautiful latte art, and a surprising grey hair style. Perhaps she saw Alex's hair colour and thought it looked amazing? In 2017 she was promoted to Assistant Manager.

    Sandra is Swedish and therefore has a beautiful pronunciation of various English words. We’ve not managed to learn much Swedish from her but do enjoy listening.

    Sandra lives in Paignton with her boyfriend, who enticed her over to the UK in 2015 with the promise that she would enjoy the balmy English Riviera weather. Since arriving she often wonders when this will arrive; however in the meantime she has developed a passion for English ales and heavy metal headbanging!
  • Vicky Barista, Chef Vicky joined us in March 2016. She was born in Dnepropetrovsk, a town in Eastern Ukraine, and has travelled to Brixham via Russia, France and London. She is an experienced chef and had previously worked in one of Brixham's best known fish restaurants. At the Guardhouse she has a variety of roles including chef, barista and champion cake slicer.

    Vicky currently holds the award for 'team member with most interesting tattoos'. We suspect that over the coming years she will also win the award for 'number of hair colour changes'.

    We were honoured in 2017 to host Vicky's wedding reception to Lee, with guests from all over Europe. The couple have been together for several years and moved to Brixham together. In 2019 they are starting a new adventure with a baby boy joining their family. Instagram
  • Diane Senior Manager Diane started working at the Guardhouse in spring 2014. Perhaps the friendliest and kindest person in the world, it is hard to imagine why she is known as ‘Dragon Lady’.

    Despite taking the job on the condition that she didn’t have to cook, Diane is adept in the kitchen and is responsible for introducing our homemade American pancakes and Paella evenings. Her passion for quality and consistency requires occasional sampling of cake and (especially) checking that the wine is not corked.

    Sometimes she gets to enjoy her tea while it is still hot.

    For many years Diane worked on long-haul British Airways flights and it is rare to find a country she has not visited. She has since  tried a wide range of careers, including running a sandwich van and a hotel, teaching, and was responsible for importing Ugg Boots to the UK for the first time! She lives in Brixham but travels a lot, often chasing her two delightful daughters across the world on their travels.
  • Brenda Senior Manager

    Brenda joined our team in 2014 and quickly became our resident coffee expert! She pioneered our focus on the quality and consistency of all of our hot drinks – her favourite, like many of our team, being a perfect flat white. In this capacity she has trained and inspired our barista team for several years now; and as a result she is often found shaking by lunchtime due to caffeine overload! 

    In the years she was worked with us, Brenda has been promoted from barista to one of our two senior managers. She has a wonderful way of motivating and training our team and a constant desire to fix problems and make things better.

    Brenda has spent most of her life in Brixham and with her partner Chris has three children.