Our new approach to takeaway packaging

Mar 5, 2018

Single use takeaway packaging is terrible for the world. Recently David Attenborough has helped us focus on the issues of plastic waste; our particular bugbear is takeaway cups, as each year in the UK along we throw away 2.5 billion, and almost every one ends up in landfill.


At the Guardhouse we feel particularly responsible for the environment as every day we look out onto such an unspoilt headland and coastline. We have consequently decided on a new set of standards within our cafe to do our bit for the planet.

  1. All of our take-away packaging is biodegradable.
  2. We give 10% off drinks if you bring your own cup.
  3. We sell reusable takeaway cups for just £7.50 (with a free drink in it if you want).
  4. If you want a takeaway cup we will add an optional 25p charge, which we will give to environmental charities.
  5. We refill water bottles and encourage you to help yourself to tap water.
  6. Straws suck… we have paper ones available if you need one.
  7. We aim to further reduce our usage of sachets for sugar, mustard etc.
  8. We recycle all of the plastic, glass, paper and cardboard waste generated here.


We are looking for further ideas too, please send us your thoughts! Also please help us to spread this philosophy among your other favourite cafes…