Our latest change to help the planet

Aug 4, 2020

Our crusade to become more sustainable continues.

(Aside: we HATE the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on our use of disposable packaging!! This is against everything we believe in, but we have to keep our team safe and it’s what we have to do at present. But this is temporary.)


You may have noticed that most of our plastic bottled soft drinks are replaced with aluminium cans.

For those who would like some more information of why we wanted to make this change:

– Any kind of single use packaging is bad for the environment. But all the research we can find suggests that aluminium cans are overall better than plastic bottles.

– One of the main reasons is that aluminium can easily be recycled over and over again, and new cans can be made out of the recycled material. We do recycle our current plastic bottles, but it isn’t easy to make new bottles out of recycled plastic.

– In addition you will be aware of the current concerns about plastic waste littering the oceans and degrading into tiny particles which can harm fish, corals, predators, and eventually enter our food system.

– We have also considered glass bottles but their higher weight increases their carbon footprints.

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