Owens Coffee: our newest supplier

Apr 12, 2019

We are delighted to announce Owens Coffee as our new coffee supplier.

For the last five years we have bought our coffee from the local Costa Rice Coffee company, who were based in Torquay. However in 2018 they were bought by a larger company and moved to a roastery a little further away. We have no complaints with this change but felt it was a good opportunity for us to partner up with Owens, a company we have known and respected for several years.

We’re really excited about the new blend of beans we have, we think it tastes delicious, and hope you will agree!

What’s special about Owens Coffee??

  • All their coffee is made from 100% fairtrade, 100% organic beans. And they are certified as an organic producer, which most companies don’t bother with; this shows how serious they are about these aspects of their products.
  • They only use Arabica coffee beans, the most expensive but most tasty variety. This is one reason why their coffee tastes so good!
  • Their coffee is roasted in a modern, extra-clean roaster in Ivybridge. It has lower carbon emissions than a typical coffee roaster would do. And it’s so clean! We visited after it had been used for a full year but it still looks brand new.
  • Their team is full of lovely, friendly people (several of whom we have known from different suppliers in the past).


Here’s what they say about our Baya Coffee blend:

“Dark but not too dark.

Baya is a delicious roast blend of Arabica coffee beans from; Aceh in the Batak region of West-Central Sumatra (KSU Arinagata CO-OP), Huehuetenango in Guatemala (Fedecocagua CO-OP) and the Purosa región of the Okapa District Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea (Highlands organic Agriculture CO-OP)

Tasting notes: Dark but not too dark, rich and velvety, with spicy and dark chocolate flavours and a sweet brightness.”


You can read more about Owens Coffee here: https://owenscoffee.com/


Three baristas from the Guardhouse Cafe tasting Owens Coffee

Jo, Sandra and Brenda enjoyed tasting the different blends at Owens Coffee headquarters!

The modern and very clean roaster at Owens Coffee roastery