Summer Solstice 2018

Jun 30, 2018

June 21st has become a special day for the Guardhouse in recent years, as we host our annual Summer solstice breakfast straight after dawn. This event has got so popular we were fully booked by the end of April this year!


And what an amazing sunrise it was this year, a crimson sky preceeding the arrival of a golden sun. Dozens of people were watching from the end of Berry Head and we managed to fit 52 of them into the cafe for a 3-course meal (and plenty of coffee!!) – and everyone was home before they would even usually be out of bed.


We are aware however that this influx of sunrise watchers might not be universally welcome: former ranger Nigel Smallbones once told me how he once walked out to the end of the headland at dawn on Midsummer’s Day, only to find a group of druids worshipping together in a circle – and all totally naked. We haven’t seen them since we arrived here, we hope they have found a suitably secluded spot elsewhere!!