Summer Solstice Party

Jun 29, 2014

guardhouse sunset

We were understandable nervous about our first event in the cafe, but thoroughly enjoyed both the morning and evening parties.  It was a magical experience watching the sunrise over the sea at 5.02am on Saturday 21st June.  Some porpoise even obligingly swam through the path of the sun.  26 of the early risers then came back to the cafe for bacon butties and much-needed coffee.

At 7am the knowledgeable and charming assistant ranger Leighton lead a bird walk around the headland, which included peeking at the 1364 guillemots and their shy chicks, whitethroats, fulmars, and booing a fishing boat intruding into the bird sanctuary.

By Thursday we had sold only 5 tickets to the evening party, and were anticipating a rather ‘select’ event, but by Saturday afternoon we had sold out and had to sadly (sorry!) turn people away.  Alex invented some cocktails including the ‘razorbill’ and ‘guillemot’, but I am pleased to say that our guests did not act like gannets over the buffet table.  We scrambled up to the battlements to watch the sun set over what was, quite literally for some of us, the longest day of the year.

guardhouse collums   Berryhead sunrise   Cafe' open