A wonderful job opportunity for an experienced chef

Jan 20, 2018

We are looking for a confident, friendly, experienced chef to join our team and take the lead in our kitchen. You will be used to working at high pressure and high speed, with the soft skills to inspire, develop and lead a team of cooks, and the creativity and drive to take our food to the next level.

Our existing team contains excellent café cooks who excel at high speed, high pressure food service.

However we recognise that there is plenty of room for us to improve further and we are looking for an experienced chef to come into the team and play a leading role in pushing our food forwards to the next level. This is an excellent opportunity to run your own kitchen, in a beautiful place, in mostly day-time hours, with a ready-made team of cooks and a strong following with local customers.

The role includes:

  1. Busy days working as a café chef, often alongside other chefs, cooking our café menu
  2. Winter restaurant evenings, for which you would have complete freedom

A leadership role: leading the kitchen (e.g. food safety); leading the chef team (which will require soft skills as well as inspiring and teaching); and leading our café’s ‘food direction’ including our main menu and specials (with the help of our existing specials chef).

The closing date for this job is Friday, February 2nd with the intention of offering a job by February 9th.

For further details, please download the job advert here.